What will a Book, 
Published OVER 70 years ago,
  do for You NOW???

We will Show YOU
HOW to move Beyond THINKING
and move into DOING!!!

Are you working with an Employee Mindset? 

Do You ask How Much, when Opportunity arises?

How do you leverage what you read in "Think and Grow Rich" so that you too can be successful as:
Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Robert Kiyosaki?

Have You Read Think and Grow Rich?

We will show you how to utilize the power outlined
in one of the Greatest Books every written,
Showing HOW TO break through the barrier of
Employee Mindset

Develop the power that was given to every single human to be successful .

Learn why to turn right at the fork in the road and follow the right path to true happiness .

Napoleon Hill knew what he was talking about when he wrote Think and Grow Rich. It wasn't because he was self centered and wanted the riches of King Solomon .

He wanted the riches of all people to grow and break the back of the great Depression.

You can break the back of this Recession by using the same principles and enjoy the life you where destined to OWN

Don't wait another minute!

Listen to how people in today's world have used these principles to bring INCREASE into their lives .

Think and Grow Rich
on Steroids!

Beyond Think and Grow Rich
Diogital Downloads

over 40 hours of clear and concise Interactive Dialog with Real people discussing how to use  the Principles of Think and Grow Rich
in Today's Business Environment. Chapter by Chapter is addressed with some powerful Insights on  proved systems, outlined by Napoleon Hill over 70 years ago. Hard core facts are timeless and these principles hold true today even more than when this information was first given

Delivered on 4 Quality CDs in Mp3Format

Bullet  35 Page Bound Work  Included.This  is not Multiple choice, this workbook was created to help you retain the information from "Think and Grow Rich " and hold it for times when you need quick recall of the principles .

Also a FREE Membership in our Master Mind Group, including Weekly Talk Shows, Several worthwhile Self-Improvement Books, and access to over 400 hours of  Live Talk Shows on Business and or personal self improvement .

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If after 30 days,you have listened to the 40 hours and completed the Workbook correctly and you have not experienced any Increase in your Life, send the Completed workbook and CD set back and we will refund your Money


Beyond Think and Grow Rich


 Digital delivery of Mp3's and PDF Workbook




Chuck Bartok
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